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Advisor Implementation Training & Resource Center

Welcome to the Advisor Implementation Training & Resource Center. To help ensure you get the most out of Autopilot, please click each box below and watch the videos. This information includes implementation training videos, marketing resources, a series of simplified model IPS samples, and more. We have also developed a Client Resource Center for you to share directly with your clients. We are excited to have you with us.


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Advisor FAQs

What account types are accepted through Autopilot?

Individual, Joint Tenants in Common, Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship, Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, and Roth IRA account types are accepted. Additional account types may be added in the future.

What is the account minimum?

ETF Strategy: $5,000
AdvisorOne Funds Strategy: $0

I already work with CLS; will Autopilot business show up in my CLS advisor portal?

Yes, Autopilot accounts will appear on in the same way your other CLS accounts do. However, you will also have access to an Autopilot-specific advisor dashboard if you’d like to utilize both. Even if you’re new to CLS, you’ll have access to both portals for client account information.

How do I log into my Autopilot specific advisor dashboard?

Visit, login, and input your username from the Autopilot welcome email. To set your password, click “forgot password”, input your email, and click submit. You will receive instructions to establish a new password.

How do I white-label Autopilot to reflect my firms brand?

Submit your logo to and we will upload it to the account opening process and client dashboard. These instructions are also included in your welcome email.

Why do you ask for my client's bank account information
during the account opening process?

Providing your client’s bank account information during the account opening process allows your clients to easily and seamlessly move money to and from their accounts. If your client is requesting a distribution on a qualified account, our Service Team will provide the applicable distribution forms.

My client's account has been funded,
however his or her dashboard still shows as “pending,” why?

The account may have been recently funded and the nightly sync has not been reflected on the client or advisor dashboard yet. You can manually sync this account by logging into your advisor dashboard, searching for the client’s name, selecting “Actions” under the current portfolio, and clicking “Sync Now.”

How do I setup multiple accounts for a client?

Your client can add additional accounts from his or her client dashboard by selecting “Add New Account” on the bottom right of the homepage. You can also add new accounts from your advisor dashboard utilizing the “Migration” feature. Please view our Migration Video for more information.

If my client selects “Transfer Manually” or via “Rollover” where do we send the checks?

Client and rollover checks need to be made out to TD Ameritrade, FBO ‘Your Client’ with the account number on the check. Checks can be sent directly to TD Ameritrade:

Overnight Mail:
TD Ameritrade Institutional
7801 Mesquite Bend Drive, Suite 112
Irving, TX 75063-6043

Standard U.S. Mail:
TD Ameritrade Institutional
PO Box 650567
Dallas, TX 75265-0567

Can I establish transfers for my client?

Yes, log in to the client dashboard and schedule a transfer under the “Transfers” tab. Please view the Client Dashboard Video for more information.

Where do I retrieve my clients account number?

You will receive an email once the account has been established. You can then call 888-455-4244, email, or log into to retrieve the client’s account number.

My client set up a monthly contribution for the 10th of each month.
Today is the 10th and the client does not have the money, what happened?

Transfers are sent to TD on the day specified in your requests; however, the money may appear after this date. For example, if the client is set up for the 10th, then the money will appear on the 11th (depending on day of the week).

How do I login in as my client?

Search or select the client from your advisor dashboard. Once you’re in the client’s profile view, select “Autopilot “at the top right of your screen and click “Client Dashboard.” You will then be logged into that specific client’s dashboard.

What happens if the models risk changes?

CLS manages and maintains Autopilot models to ensure risk stays consistent. If a model goes out of tolerance, CLS will reallocate to bring the model back into tolerance.

Who pays for trading costs?

Autopilot portfolios utilize no transaction fee ETFs. If the client does incur a short-term trading fee, he or she will be responsible for the charge. Short-term trading fees occur if a position is not held for more than 30 days

Can I combine my other TD business with my Autopilot clients?


Will my client’s data feed into Albridge or another provider,
such as e-Money or Morningstar?

Yes. We send a feed to Albridge, and you can use your Orion credentials through CLS to get the accounts to feed into other tech vendors.

Does CLS provide marketing pieces?

You have access to the Autopilot Resource Center’s training videos and client approved marketing pieces.

Are statements provided to Autopilot Clients?

Your clients have access to monthly custodial statements, quarterly CLS statements, and quarterly CLS video statements directly from their client dashboards under the “Statements” tab. As the advisor, you can also access statements by logging into

If my clients have a question who do they go to?

As part of the Autopilot program, your clients (and you) have access to the CLS Service Team. Because we understand that these are your clients, you may prefer your clients to work through your office directly. Any questions about your clients’ accounts can be funneled directly to CLS.

Can I change my default fee schedule?

Yes, you can submit a new Autopilot Fee Schedule to Any client accounts opened after the new fee schedule is submitted will fall under the updated fee schedule.

How do I lower my fee for a client that has gone through the system?

In order to lower the fee for a client, email with the client’s name and the fee that you’d like it changed to. Lowering a fee does not require a client signature. Raising a client’s fee, however, would require a new fee schedule to be signed by your client.

Are there any transfer restrictions?

Some contra firms do not allow for e-signature transfer forms. In addition, there are certain securities that TD Ameritrade won’t accept. To find out which securities apply, please visit the TD Ameritrade website or call CLS Service Team.

How do I know if a firm accepts e-signature transfer forms?

A list of firms that currently accept e-signature transfer forms is provided in our Resource Center.

What do we do if a firm doesn’t accept e-signature transfer forms?

Unfortunately, some firms do not accept e-signature transfer forms. You will need to complete a hard copy Transfer Form, along with a Signature Verification Form. Both forms can be found in your Resource Center. Upon completion, these forms can be mailed or faxed to CLS Investments and we will request the transfer.

Do you allow for dollar cost averaging (DCA) within Autopilot?

Yes, however the minimum investment may vary dependent on the terms of the DCA. To establish DCA for a client account, please contact the CLS Service Team at 888-455-4244 for the applicable DCA Form.

Do you offer tax-loss harvesting through Autopilot?