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Non-Branded Material for Use with Clients

This goal-based program puts the client in control of opening their account, while providing your experience and knowledge as a financial advisor. Here you will find non-branded video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and details on our various investment models for use with clients.


Program information and walk-through videos.

Model IPS (ETF Strategy)

Presented from Conservative to Aggressive

Model IPS (AdvisorOne Funds Strategy)

Presented from Conservative to Aggressive

Client FAQs

How do I pick up where I left off?

If at any point throughout the account opening process you lose connection or need to complete the account opening at a later time, exit the service and an email will be sent to you with a link to pick up where you left off. Please note, for your security this email is valid for 7 days. If your email has expired, simply return to the website and click “Forgot Password.”


How do I fund my account?

Please open the Funding Instructions document from your Resource Center.

Why do you require my bank account Information?

Connecting your bank account during the account opening process allows you to easily transfer money to and from your account. You can schedule transfers directly from your dashboard. Your information is securely stored at all times.

How does the eSignature process work?

The Docusign system is used to verify all eSignatures during the account opening process. You will first complete an identification check to verify you are the one signing the forms. Once complete, you will have the opportunity to review the information directly from the online forms. You can make adjustments to the forms if needed, and click on the yellow “Next” tab on the left side of your screen to move to the next page. Next, click where prompted to initial or sign, adopt or draw a signature on the screen, and select “Adopt and or Sign”.

How do I upload a statement into Docusign?

If you selected to transfer from an existing investment account, you will need to upload a current statement once you get to the signature portion of the account opening. Click on the paperclip image, within Docusign, stating “Upload Statement,” select the file from your computer, and click upload.

How do I log into my dashboard?

Once your account has been opened, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email.

How do I reset my password?

Click on “Forgot Password?” below the login fields on your client dashboard screen, input your email and submit. You’ll receive an email with instructions to establish a new password.

Why does my account say “Pending” when I try to login?

Your account will show as “Pending” within your client dashboard when it is still in the process of being funded. You will receive an email once your account has been opened.

How do I set up Contributions and Withdrawals?

Select “Deposit” or “Withdrawal” from the “Transfers” tab within your dashboard. Input the dollar amount you want to contribute or withdraw, pick the date you want the transaction enacted, select your bank account, elect which investment account you want the transaction to take place in (if you have multiple accounts), and click “Save Changes.”

How do I change my Investment Plan?

Login to your dashboard and navigate to the “Adjust Plan” tab. Adjust the inputs (Savings Amount, Retirement/Withdraw Age) and the future cash follow projection map on the left of your screen will automatically update. These changes will not be implemented in your account until you click “Save Changes.” In addition, should you need to adjust the risk in your portfolio, click on your current model and select the risk-based model you’d like move to. The future projection map will again readjust. Your model will not change until you click “Save Changes.”

How do I access statements?

You will have access to monthly custodial statements, quarterly CLS statements, and quarterly video statements. You can access statements directly from your dashboard under the “statements” tab.

How do I update my Risk Number®?

You can update your Risk Number® by clicking on your current Risk Number® at the top right of your dashboard screen. Select “Update Risk Number®” from the drop down. If you’d like to adjust your portfolio to match your new Risk Number™, review the instructions under “How do I change my investment plan.”

Adding New Accounts

You can add new accounts directly from your dashboard. Click “Add New Account” from the “Dashboard” tab, or click on your Risk Number™ at the top right of your dashboard screen and elected “Add New Account” from the drop down list. Follow the prompts to ensure your account owner information is correct, add additional information or beneficiaries (if needed), select how you’d like to fund the account, review legal notices, and eSign the documents.